Best Baby Teethers of 2014

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Best Baby Teethers of 2014

Best Baby Teethers of 2014
Best Baby Teethers of 2014

Seriously how hard can it be to pick out the best baby teethers of 2014? If you have ever attending the ABC Kids Expo, I’m here to tell you, it’s actually very difficult. While attending the ABC Kids Expo I saw so many new teethers I wasn’t really sure where to begin. So many people have NO IDEA which one to choose, why not all teethers are created equal, and which ones are toxic. These three words explain where all the confusion began and here’s how to avoid giving your baby a known carcinogen.

Avoid plastic teethers that contain BPA, PVC or phthalates.

BPA is a plastics chemical that copies estrogen and can disrupt your body’s hormonal system. It’s harmful if you’re pregnant, if you’re a baby, or if you’re a young child. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that they’ve got. Most companies don’t have BPA in their products so they have replaced that with BPS, which is probably more toxic than BPA. My advice on this is that just because a product says BPA-free doesn’t mean that it’s safe.

PVC products WILL not be on my Best Baby Teethers of 2014 list and here’s why. It is the most toxic and the third most common plastic in the world. Don’t believe me? Read up about it here. You don’t want this stuff in your home, on your body or near your kids mouths. EVER! SAY NO TO PVC!!!

Phthalates are a nasty chemical added to plastics to make them soft and supple. PVC is hard as a rock and chips easily so to make something squishy that would require phthalates. These things don’t even bond to the plastic which means they leak out of the toy with time. Babies are sucking on teethers and if they contain phthalates they will be ingesting a known carcinogen aka cancer-causing agent.

With that said, all of my products that I’m listing do not contain any of the above listed or mentioned items.

Amber Teething Necklaces for Babies, $21.95

Go ahead and LAUGH all you want to. Believe me, I did! My friend and fellow blogger over at Diaper Bag Confessions attended the ABC Kids Expo. Her baby, who will refer to as Baby Starbucks (yes, that little one I call my nephew), was teething big time. He only wanted to gnaw on his fingers. I told her I have never liked the idea of a necklace around a babies neck for starters and two how can this possibly work. She confirmed that these Baltic Amber Teething Necklace are indeed one of the Best Baby Teethers for 2014. See a content and happy Baby Starbucks.

 1_amber_teething_necklace1_amber_teething_necklace 1_amber_teething_baby_starbucks

HABA USA Wooden Teethers, $9.99 & Up

After learning about BPA, PVC and Phthalates, it’s no wonder people steer clear of any plastic or silicone type teether. Wooden Teethers are the Best Baby Teethers for parents that are highly safety conscious like myself and worry about a baby’s reactions to rubber or silicone (man-made rubber). HABA USA makes the best wooden teethers around from Beechwood and they are all made in Germany with solvent-free, water-based stain. From HABA USA site they also help save the planet, “Since 2010 we have borne the PEFC seal, which proves that we use timber from sustainable forestry in German forests. The beech and birch wood used come from forests located in an area of 150 km around our site in Bad Rodach in Franconia. We also acquire the plywood, which we import from Finland and Russia, exclusively from controlled cultivation. We thus support the preservation of the ecological balance of the forests and make our contribution to improving the worldwide use of forests and sustainable woodlands management.” HABA USA is the only wooden teether company that I personally will recommend. I love them. Look at the little barbell weight teether! Hello, crossfitters will love this for their little ones. LOL

2_Rira Clutching Toy 2-Magica Clutching Toy 2-Rainbow Clutching Toy

Vulli Vanilla Flavored Teethers, $7.95 & Up

Rubber teethers are my favorite teethers and not just because I love Sophie the giraffe and am her handler. I researched the safest teething toys for years since learning all of this. I had no idea that any of this was even an issue when my children were babies. Vulli has an amazing line of all natural rubber teethers. The great thing about natural rubber is that they don’t have all of the chemicals that make plastics so horrible. However, they do contain latex proteins and small people may have an allergy to latex. Prolonged exposure according to some will cause a latex allergy later in life, but I’m clearly not allergic to latex because I had a Sophie all of my life, and I’m not telling my age so don’t ask, but I’m old. However, if you or any of your family members are allergic to latex, steer clear of rubber products in general. These are VANILLA FLAVORED so even adults who are getting their molars like to gnaw on these teethers.

Eventually baby products will be made with the hypoallergenic rubber guayule. Until then, we’ll have to settle on natural rubber, or silicone which I’m quite content with actually. More about silicone in a moment.

3_Vanilla Scented Sophie Teether 3_Vulli Vanilla Flavored Ring Teether 3_Vulli Vanilla Flavored Ring Teethers

Smart Mom Jewelry – Teething Bling, $5.95 & Up

Remember me mentioning silicone above? Well, that is considered hypoallergenic too. So, these Smart Mom Jewelry aka Teething Bling necklaces are the perfect option. Made for mom to wear, but safe for baby to chew and HELLO I love polka dots, so this is my favorite one. According to Smart Mom Jewelry’s website, “Teething Bling® is made from a commonly-used, medical-grade, food-safe silicone.  It’s the same material found in many teething toys and other baby products, such as the ‘coated’ infant spoons we all use.” You can look stylish and wear your baby teether at the same time. SWEET!

4_Smart Mom Teething Bling Ring Pendant 4_Smart Mom Teething Bling Shimmer Donut 4_Smart Mom Teething Bling

 Sophie the Giraffe & Friends, $16.71 & Up

5_Fanfan the Fawn 5_Gabin the Bear 5_Kiwi the Bird 5_Margot the Turtle 5_Josephine the Mouse 5_Lazare the Cat 5_Sophie the Giraffe plus Vanilla Teether 5_Sophie the Giraffe

Paci-Plushies Chillies, $16.00

Alright I’m going to admit something. I’m a plushie snob. There is nothing I hate more than an ugly plush toy. I don’t have to worry about that with Nookums aka Paci-Plushies. They are absolutely adorable. The other thing that is great about the Chillies is that they’ll attach to almost any pacifier unlike the competitor brand that is permanently attached to only one pacifier and cannot be washed or replaced. These can be washed. 🙂 Free from all harmful chemicals these use purified water and are amazeballs not just for teething but when they’re older for booboos. Or as I use them as an adult, to cool down in the 110 heat! HAHA

6_Paci-Plushies Chillies - Polar Bear Teether

 FAVE Femme Silicone Teething Necklace, 21.97

Made from chemical free, medical grade silicone this is designed to be worn much like Smart Mom Jewelry. I’ve never used this one and don’t know anyone that has. However, she uses FAVE in her name, so I’m putting her on here for good measure. 🙂 Plus, what’s classier than pearls?

7_FAVEFemme Pearl Silicone Teething Necklace

HEVEA Panda Teether, $12.21 & Up 

Let me tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE HEVEA! I met the owner at the ABC Kids Expo. Hevea is distributed exclusively by the same people that distribute Sophie la girafe aka Sophie the giraffe. This all natural rubber is not like the competitors on the markets. I’m sorry but that rubber looks so disgusting, used and dingy there is no way it would go anywhere near my babies hands let alone their mouth. Hevea has an all natural rubber product that is nice, pretty and totally ADOR-A-BLE!!! I saved this one for near the end, because of all of the benefits of this teether. Sterilization is important to me. You can boil the panda teether to sterilize or use a machine specially made for sterilization. It should NOT be cleaned in a dishwasher or microwave however. You should not freeze or cool down the teether because it will damage it. Hevea’s products are all tested to prove that they meet EU standard EN1400, US regulations CPSIA and AUS regulation AS 2432-1991. Hevea continuously tests her products, and can reassure you that there is no reason to be worried. On the contrary, we have very good test results in all tests. They work with an independent research agency, SGS, which is one of the world’s leading companies for testing and analysis. Your product will probably get darker with time because Hevea is made from 100% natural rubber which isn’t conserved or added antioxidants to keep it light yellow. Natural rubber is a natural material that works over time. With that being said, it’s safe, safe, safe and cute, cute, cute. I also recommend checking out their bath toys. I’ll post the best bath toys of 2014 later on. 🙂

8_Hevea Panda Teether

Little Toader Appe Teethers, $9.99

Last, but certainly not least is another wonderful company that I met at the ABC Kids Expo and let me tell you how much I love their food grade silicon teethers which are safe and just awesome ok. The names are great from LOL! Sucker to Baby-Q Ribs, there is something in here that every mom and DAD will love. At only $9.99 they are a much more affordable option that some other teethers made from the same food grade silicone. Check out Little Toader Appe Teethers if you want something to soothe your babies teething pain and not leave you in pain from breaking the bank. 🙂

LOL! Sucker, Broccoli Bites, No Painapple, Chompin Chicken Wing, Baby-Q Ribs, and IceScreamUScream <3

There you have it. The Best Baby Teethers of 2014. Do you have any faves that I didn’t list? Tell me about them below.

9_Little Toader Appe Teethers LOL Sucker 9_Little Toader Appe Teethers All



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