Free Beauty & The Beast Coloring Sheets Download

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Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheets

Beauty and The Beast Coloring Sheets are to keep me happy until it hits theatres everywhere on March 17, 2017, all of us at are honestly finding it difficult to be patient. I was able to see an 8 minute preview while attending Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Conference in Walt Disney World while aboard the Disney Wonder heading to Castaway Cay and I know it’s going to be absolutely amazing. #DisneySMMC While we are controlling our tempers, see what I did there, we are anxious for its debut.

Here are some coloring sheets to keep us patient while we wait.

First up for the Beauty and The Beast Coloring Sheets we have a new character, Cadenza, which is a Grand Piano played by Stanley Tucci.

Next up we have a Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheet of Garderobe. Garderobe is being played by Audra McDonald. Fun little English fact is that a Garderobe is a historic term for a room or wardrobe in a medieval castle.

Meet Garderobe from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast would not be the same without Plumette the beautiful and charming feather duster. Plumette is played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw who seems to be perfectly cast. I can’t wait to see her in the movie. Can March 17th get here already? Oh wait, I already said that.

Cogsworth who as part of the curse is turned into an enchanted clock is one of the more serious characters so I’m very excited about this Beauty & The Beast Coloring Sheet. Who doesn’t love Cogsworth? Cogsworth is strict and has a very serious demeanor. Cogsworth, unlike his best friend Lumiere, always follows The Beast’s rules. Cogsworth is played by Ian McKellen. I know he’s going to be wonderful.

Noticed how I casually mentioned Lumière above? That’s because our next Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheet is Lumière himself. Lumière translated into English from French means light. Not sure if everyone knows that or not. Lumière is the Casanova of candelabras and is as suave and vivacious as they come. Ever the gracious host, he had no problem disobeying The Beast’s orders in order to show Belle a grand time. Lumière will be played by Ewan McGregor.

The Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheets wouldn’t be complete without Gaston and LeFou. I wanted you to see this musical clip of Gaston below as well. Gaston is played by Luke Evans and his ever loyal and diminutive sidekick LeFou is played by Josh Gad and seriously, they couldn’t have cast a better person as LeFou. I can’t wait to see him in action.

Mrs. Potts and Chip are the next Beauty and The Beast Coloring Sheets. Mrs. Potts is the castle’s head housekeeper of a spoiled prince’s castle and the mother to several children, and the most notable to us Beauty and The Beast fans is her son, Chip. Mrs. Potts is easily loved for her intelligent and level-headed demeanor. She’s very gentle and nurturing but won’t tolerate any nonsense. She doesn’t have the same pesky quirks that Cogsworth and Lumière have leaving her the voice of reason amongst the colleagues. Also, Mrs. Potts is clearly not afraid of the Beast as she’ll disobey him to care for someone in need like she did for Belle. Chip’s adventurous and cheerful demeanor is going to be a delight to watch. Mrs. Potts is played by Emma Thompson and Chip is played by Nathan Mack. There is no poster for Chip. Sorry.

Beauty and The Beast Coloring Sheet is of none other than The Beast himself who must learn to love before the last petal on the rose falls or he’ll remain a beast forever. The Beast is played by Dan Stevens as is the Prince of course.


What type of Coloring Sheets would these be without Beauty and The Beast? Horrible. Disney wouldn’t leave us hanging so here is the world’s greatest couple as part of the best love story ever told. Beauty and The Beast

Last but certainly not least is our heroine Belle played by real life philanthropist Emma Watson. Complete with her holding a book. Real life Emma Watson has a book club by the way. You can find it on Good Reads.

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST opens in theatres everywhere on March 17th!




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