Back-to-School Challenges for Military Families

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Back-to-school has begun across the country but, not for this military family. The school year will not begin for my two children officially until September 8th. With that said, we are up to our eyeballs in the middle of a cross country move. We are moving from California all the way to D.C. It’s a bittersweet moment because my junior in high school decided to attend a week of school and say goodbye to her friends and teachers here. We’ve been here since my son was in second grade, now he’s entering 7th grade. It’s the longest we’ve ever lived in one location. Saying good-bye to Lake Elsinore on Thursday morning will be tough. Back-to-school across the country will be even harder.

My children have moved over ten times in the last 10 years. They’ve gone to more elementary, middle and high schools than I can count on all of my fingers and toes. Having been here in Lake Elsinore for so long this will be extremely different for them. While my son is excited for the new adventure, my daughter is a junior in high school and it will certainly be hard for her.

Back-to-school for my military children consists of a lot of goodbyes this year. My son is going to say bye to his best friend since 2nd grade in a few days. It’s easy to move when you haven’t really had time to form those ties that bind. It’s much harder to say goodbye when you’ve formed lifelong relationships. My daughter has to say bye to her friends since 6th grade. Children don’t understand time and space when in 2nd grade. They certainly start to grasp that by 6th and 11th grade. My son had to say goodbye to all of the gymnasts he has competed with this past year.

I chose to be a military wife, embrace the suck, suck it up and drive on, but my children did not. Which I’ll literally be doing across the country shortly. The biggest challenge is saying until next time to your friends and making new friends when you arrive at your new home. One of the biggest challenges is staying true to yourself but, finding friends you fit in with. Bullies and cliques are everywhere and I hope and pray my children don’t fall victim to either. There will be no one for them to turn to if they have a bad day and I don’t want them to feel alone.

I can’t pretend that my son and daughter haven’t been sad, stressed, worried and confused by this move for my husband’s career. My children have endured and been through so much more than the average child. While I grew up on the east coast and was able to plant roots later in life, my children haven’t been able to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. Good thing my children love super heroes. Flying is way cooler than being stuck in one place. My children know they can count on us and we will be a lot closer to my family but, we will definitely strive to spend much more quality time with them once we arrive to our new home.

Our New Home

I can’t wait to meet their teachers and for them to start school. I’m hopeful for a wonderful start and a bright new beginning for each of them. While we’re on the topic of back to school, on August 31st I’m co-hosting a twitter party by TownePlace Suites and and while I’ll be tweeting from the road I’d totally love for you to join us.


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