7 Things to Add to your Dorm Room Shopping List

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There’s a lot to shop for when you’re headed to college for the first time. Comforter, towels, school supplies are a few of the no-brainers. However, there are some items you might not think you need until you are settled in and there’s nothing worse than noticing you need something else but you’re stranded on campus. Here are a few things good ideas that you might not think you’ll need for your freshman year dorm room!

1. Bunkbed Shelf

Depending on the layout of your dorm room, you might get stuck on the top bunk or with a lofted bed. This shelf attaches to the side of your bed giving you a place to set your phone or whatever else. For me, I always needed a water bottle there when I slept. It’s not fun having to climb up and down a ladder every time you need to retrieve an item. This shelf is a must for anyone on the top bunk!

2. Booklight

Chances are you and your roommate are going to have different schedules. One night you may be up late studying while she needs to go to bed for her 7:15 class. Invest in a book light or a small table light for times like these. There’s nothing worse than having a roommate who doesn’t respect you or your time, so make sure you aren’t being that roommate either!

3. Alternate light

On the subject of lights – a lamp or even fun Christmas lights are a good idea to have. Sometimes the overhead light in your dorm can be too much or not enough, so it’s nice to have another option! Other decorative lights also help liven up the dorm and create a more fun living space.

4. Extension cord

When you first move in, you and your roommate will have to find a room layout the works best for the both of you and sometimes this covers up some of your outlets. Not only this but once you’re done plugging in your mini fridge, printer, tv and laptop charger you may be short on spare outlets!

5. A small rug

Luckily my dorm room was carpeted but some people aren’t so lucky and have a tile floor. A rug is a good idea for times when the floor gets cold and again, it also helps liven up the place.

6. A vacuum and other cleaning supplies

Dorms are easy to get messy and are also very easy to get bugs, so be sure to keep it clean! You can get small vacuums that are great for dorm rooms. My freshman roommate brought one and the people on our floor were always asking to borrow it! Clorox wipes are another great thing to have on hand and make cleaning up very easy!

7. A fan

In my dorm, we had our own thermostat that we could control, but only slightly. It still got extremely hot, especially at night. Some dorms don’t even have air conditioning. To me, there’s nothing worse than being hot and unfortunately, a fan was not something I thought to bring with me to school right away. Don’t make the same mistake!

7 items to add to your dorm room shopping list



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