Nerd Subscription Box Gift Guide

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Last year for the first time my husband gave my son a subscription gift box for Christmas.  BEST GIFT EVER! And because of that you will need a nerd subscription box gift guide this Christmas. Every month, or every quarter your teen received something from you even after the season has past.  It’s as though Santa really is watching you all year long.  Granted my son forgot he would be receiving another box, but that just added to the pleasure of finding a package on the doorstep in the middle of September.  Trust me these gifts can’t go wrong, assuming you can get one under the tree before hand.  If not do what my husband did, he left a fun note wrapped around another gift saying when to expect his first box.  Since my family is kinda nerdy, I searched out some great nerd driven gift subscription boxes.

The Curiosity Box

I will start with the one that started it all.  The Curiosity Box the most nerd subscription box gift out there.  The guys at VSauce gets men and boys and all things science.  The boxes contains clever tshirts, a redeemable online game card, a unique and clever book and always a gadget to build that ranged from easy to hard.  But truthfully hte fact the box is bright orange makes it visible at 20 paces (or as you pull into the driveway)  so everyone is so happy when it arrives.  And you should totally check out their youtube channel for great science videos too.  This is a pricier one, but soooo worth it.

Box can be ordered as a quarterly plan, 2 quarter plan or an annual plan  $57.60-$215.60

Nerd Subscription Box Gift Guide | Fave

The Tinker Crate

This box can be for the tween and teen crowd.  Every box comes with a project to build based in the STEM world.  There are online tutorials kids can access for help (always good to have the tweens  searching out answers to problems)  A fun brand magazine is included.  And best of all each crate is based on getting your hands in it.  Perfect for boys (and girls) that want something to work with.

Subscriptions:  annual, semiannual, quarterly, monthly $19.95-$203.40

The Geek Fuel Gift Subscription Box

Now this box is possibly more 14+ .  But it has all the pop culture goodies for nerds and geeks.  Every box comes with toys, downloadable games, collectibles and comics.  This one is great cause you can also be ordered in various delivery schedules.  I like how this includes some Marvel stuff too, so that’s a bonus.

Subscriptions:  annual, sem-annual,  quarterly, monthly $24.90 to $250.80

Nerd Subscription Box Gift Guide |

The Official Harry Potter Subscription Box

Magical items to your door.  Need I say more. OK.  J.K. Rowling created, kids approved and absolutely the best for a crazy fan of Harry Potter.  Each box has a theme that is pulled from the Wonderful World of Harry.  Defense against the dark arts, House Pride. Who can’t get enough of Harry?  Items vary, but usually include, clothing item, collectibles and unique only available through the box products.  And you better know what house you are sorted into, cause that’s important when you order.  Expecto Packages!

Subscription 1, 3 or 6 crates in a year:  $43 – $234


Marvel Nerd Susbscription Box


And if your teens watch every Marvel Studios movie before again before the newest comes out this may be the box subscription for them.  Cause Baby Groot!  Every item is exclusive to Loot Crate, so that’s cool.  But mostly it’s just a great way to survive until all the infinity stones are found right?  These boxes are more comic book based so keep that in mind, if the recipient doesn’t know there are comic books (cause seriously some iGener’s don’t know).

Subscription 1, 3 or 6 crates in a year:  $37 -$228.00

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