25 Tempting Mocktails Everyone Will Enjoy

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Part of being Catholic means you can drink when you reach the age of 21, but you can’t drink a real cocktail until then. So, in the meantime 25 tempting mocktails will keep you happy. Also, Mormons don’t drink alcohol and with so many friends being Mormon I like to offer them these cute mocktails. If you’ve not turned 21 years old or your religion prevents you from drinking cocktails, here are 25 tempting mocktails everyone will enjoy.

25 Tempting Mocktails:

Apple Pomegranate Mocktail – Desert Chica – The grenadine and pomegranate seeds make this look like a cocktail only it’s a mocktail. The Apple Cider & Spice gives this mocktail a grown up flavor of a cocktail.

Watermelon Mojito Mocktail – Food Done Light – Mint leaves, salt and simple syrup make this mocktail refreshingly light.

Virgin Watermelon Margarita – Coffee with Us 3 – I use Sprite Zero and it tastes just as yummy. The red sugar really does make it look lovely.

Orange Creamsicle Mocktail – As for Me and My Homestead – Definitely use the Orange Soda, it tastes more like an orange creamsicle this way.

Sangria Punch Mocktail – For the Love of Food – Super simple recipe. Nothing to it with only 3 ingredients needed.

Caramel Apple Pie Mocktail – Merry About Town – This drink tastes like a cocktail without the alcohol. Everyone loves this one.

Apple Ginger Sour Mocktail with Rosemary – A Worthey Read – With a household full of people that love sour patches and every single sour thing imaginable, this is a family favorite.

Spring Citrus Mocktail Recipe – A Moms Take – She recommends having a Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker but, I made it and it tasted great without it. I used Fresca in place of the Grapefruit juice since I’m not a fan.

Thirst Quenching Virgin Mojito – Daisies and Pie – This mocktail is as pretty as it taste.

Orange Kool Aid Slushie – Craft Create Cook – Super simple and super yummy but, has a lot of sugar so don’t give them too many of these!

Sparkling Matcha Lime Mocktail – Happy Mothering – I love tea so this one is great and soothing.

Black Cherries Jubilee Mocktail – Cutefetti – MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOCKTAIL IS RIGHT HERE!!! This reminds me of my grandmother.

Moana Rum Pineapple Punch – A Worthey Read – Make sure you make the MOCKTAIL version as she has the adult version with rum listed first. 😉

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker – A Helicopter Mom – I met the lovely Mickey at #DisneySMMC and since I can’t go back to my cruise and have my mocktails there, I’m going to make hers with Dasani Water Drops because they are beautiful and they taste yummy.

Cherry Margarita Mocktail – An Alli Event – I love cherries so you know this one is yummy.

Lipton Tea and Honey Sparkling Sangria Mocktail – Flour on My Face – After surgery I lived off Diet Lipton Green Tea. This is a nice and yummy treat.

Watermelon Margarita Mocktail – Food Done Light – I use honey in place of the agave and it’s yummy.

Pina Colada Slush – Cupcakes and Cutlery – I’m not a fan of coconut but, I like this mocktail.

Lavender Arnold Palmer Mocktail – Lydi Out Loud – All my favorite things in this one. Lavender, Tea, Ice, and Mason Jars. One of my favorite drinks of all times and such a yummy mocktail.

Sparkling Mint Cranberry Mocktail – Food Fun Family – I leave out the coconut and we all love it.

Popsicle Mocktail – Spaceships and Laser Beams – These mocktails are yummy, beautiful and easy to make.

Sparkling Cranberry Sangria – Temecula Blogs – My husband loves this with the vodka, we love it with Sprite instead of the vodka.

Honey Crisp Apple Mocktail – Centsable Momma – My husband likes this one, while I prefer others.

Mint Mojito Mocktail – Illi Style – Great refreshing mocktail

Basil Mint Citrus Mojito Popsicles – Practically Functional – Leave out the rum when you make this mocktail popsicle.



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