20 Spring Home Decor DIYs

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20 Spring Home Decor DIYs
20 Spring Home Decor DIYs

Spring is such a beautiful time of year and here are 20 Spring Home Decor DIYs for you to brighten up your home. I love DIYs to spring up your home. See what I did there? DIYs are a cost effective way of making your home fit in with each season. Spring Home Decor DIYs can be extremely difficult to pull off but, here are some super simple ones for you to try out.

Spring Home Decor DIYs

Grain Sack Pillow Case DIY – Hawthorne and Main – Super easy instructions make this an easy project for anyone. Basic sewing skills required however, my boss’s young daughter could make these.

Radiant Orchid DIY Spring Door Decoration – DIY Inspired – I’ll be making this one soon and I will share with every one. It looks simple enough and it is after all my favorite color.

String Easter Eggs DIY – Kenarry – I won’t lie. These are gorgeous but, I’ve never had any lucky with balloon DIYs. However, this is an amazingly cute Spring Home Decor DIY if it works.

Birds Nest Napkin Rings – Uncommon Designs Online – These are adorable and would make the perfect Easter place setting.

DIY Pastel Mason Jars for Spring – Daily Dose of Design – I’m all about mason jars. I’m a girl raised by people from the South. These are easy enough that anyone could do them. Super affordable as well.

DIY Spring Wreath – Blooming Homestead – We love paper here which is obvious with Origami Foodie right? This one is super easy and super fun.

DIY Fabric Spring Wreath – Busy Being Jennifer – I prefer the paper one personally, it’s less expensive but, just as pretty. However, this one is super cute too.

Spring Vase DIY – Blooming Homestead – So easy and affordable. Spring Home Decor DIYs don’t have to be expensive or complicated to look good. This is made from a Simply Orange container.

Spring Bookshelf DIY – Mom Spotted – This one would only work if you had a bookshelf to repurpose. If not, skip to the next one.

DIY Liquid Pearl Eggs – Little Miss Celebration – My favorite quick DIY to do. Super cheap, super easy and super cute.

Spring Split Pea Topiary DIY – Kenarry – Again super simple for anyone to do. Looks cute and expensive even though it’s not really expensive to do.

Faux Succulent Decor – Organized Island – I prefer real succulents but, the idea is the same.

DIY Monogram Pillow Tutorial – Todays Creative Life – Being a Southern Belle means growing up with monogram everything. You monogram your towels, your pillows, your dresses, your shirts, your pants, etc. Monograms are love. This is a super simple and elegant Spring Home Decor DIY.

Spring Mantle Decor DIY – My Life from Home – Visit a thrift store and IKEA. This is super simple to accomplish.

DIY Ticking Stripe Wooden Server Tray – Uncommon Designs Online – This one requires a little more skill or hopefully you work at a construction company and someone can put it together for you. Then you can do the fun part.

Simple DIY Spring Banner – The Kolb Corner – Cute and fun for kiddos.

DIY Rustic Wooden Bunny – J Man and Millerbug – This one requires the use of a chainsaw and a little more skill. However, I met this lovely lady on the #DisneySMMC Disney Social Media Moms Celebration on Land and Sea conference and she’s amazing. This project speaks to how even more amazing she was then I already thought. This is the best of the Spring Home Decor DIYs. I love this one way too much.

DIY Pom Pom Spring Buds – Kenarry – You could literally put this together with stuff you’ve already got around your home.

DIY Distressed Mason Jars – Home Painting – See above about my love of mason jars. This one is fun and easy and oh so amazing.

DIY Tulip Wreath – The How to Mom – Such a beautiful project and such an amazing outcome.

What Spring Home Decor DIYs have you tried? Any others that should be on my list. Feel free to share them with me.



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