20 Easter Sunday Desserts All Will Love

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20 Easter Sunday Desserts
20 Easter Sunday Desserts

Can you believe it’s Easter Sunday this weekend? Here are 20 Easter Sunday Desserts to serve that all will love. I for one love Easter and yes, this has a lot to do with my faith. Christ purchased redemption for us. The cost of redemption can never be simplified or emphasized enough. Think about it. God’s only son Jesus Christ, took a Hell that He didn’t earn or deserve so that we could have a Heaven we absolutely don’t deserve. We can strive each day to honor God and work toward deserving those pearly gates and streets of gold in the future. One day at a time, we work toward being better and that’s all anyone can asks of us. Easter reminds us of that redemption and of hope.

20 Easter Sunday Desserts

Easy Apple Pie Easter Egg Dessert – Scrappy Geek – These are super cute desserts to serve on Easter Sunday. I mean they look like mini eggs.

Cadbury Egg Brownies – Cincy Shopper – These are my absolute favorite brownies on the planet. I love Cadbury Eggs and wish I could get them year round. Since I can’t, this is one Easter Sunday dessert you’ll definitely want to serve.

Butterscotch Haystack Nests – Temecula Blogs – I love this blog because I miss Temecula regularly. These are the cutest little Easter Sunday Desserts I’ve ever seen and super simple to make.

Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecakes – Lady Behind the Curtain – I love carrot cake and cheesecake and this combination is spectacular.

Banana Bread Cheesecake Bars – Flour on My Face – Alright see above. I love Banana Bread and I love cheesecake so naturally this is a show stopper.

Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats – Cincy Shopper – Rice Krispie Treats are easy enough that a tween can make them with supervision of course. They can even decorate this simple but, cute Easter Sunday dessert.

Spring Flower Pretzel Bites – Princess Pinky Girl – These are so simple and easy to make that I can’t imagine anyone having a Pinterest fail here.

Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes in a Jar Recipe – Passion for Savings – These are cute for the jokesters in your family.

Blond Brownie Easter Chicks – Temecula Blogs – These look like a yellow poop emoji to me but, they call them chicks. I’d say this is great for the jokesters too.

Easter Marshmallow Pops – Uncommon Designs Online – I’m not a fan of marshmallow pops but, kids tend to love them and they are super simple to make.

Easter Bunny Cake Jar – Cincy Shopper – These are super fun and super cute to make. Definitely a win for Easter Sunday Dessert.

Pistachio Salad Easter Peep Dessert Cups – Mom Endeavors – Sara outdid herself with these but, I’d replace those peeps with mini chocolate bunnies.

Peeps Pizza – Baking Beauty – Again not a fan of Peeps but kids love this marshmallowy goodness.

Easter Cereal Candy Bars – Lady Behind the Curtain – Cute, easy and pretty tasty.

Easter Jello Poke Cake – Flour on My Face – Super pretty, fairly light and yummy.

Mini Lemon Coconut Budnt Cakes – Beyond Frosting – This is amazing but, you MUST use REAL shredded coconut.

Easter Macadamia Bark – Thrifty Jinxy – Absolutely love this stuff.

Carrot Garden Easter Cupcakes – Cincy Shopper – Fun and yummy if you can find the ingredients.

Easy Easter Bunny Cupcakes – Baking Beauty – This has shredded coconut and so I’m not a fan but, they are adorable.

Easy Easter Pie – Desert Chica – Oh so yummy indeed! Pick up a Marie Callender pie and add Robin’s Egg Candy to the center.

What are some of your favorite Easter Sunday desserts? Let me know and remember that sharing is caring.



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