15 Delicious Adult Drinks To Get You Thinking About Summer

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Delicious Adult Drinks
Delicious Adult Drinks

Today is the first day of Spring, I’m dreaming about Summer already and these 15 Delicious Adult Drinks help me forget how cold Virginia is compared California currently.

Most of the time I’m making delicious mocktails for the kiddos. Every now and again I want and need delicious adult drinks for me and my husband. The great thing about these wonderful adult drinks is that anyone can make them. I absolutely love cherries in my adult drinks, while many do not, feel free to remove cherry part of the recipe if you prefer.

Here are a few of my favorite bloggers recipes below:

Delicious Adult Drinks

1. Caribbean Nights Cocktail Recipe

2. Dreamsicle Cocktail Recipe

3. Rhubarb Mojito

4. Riesling Peach and Cherry Slushies

5. Vodka Mint Lemonade

6. Blue Passion Fruit Mojito

7. Easy, Frosty Strawberry Mimosa

8. Adult Root Beer Float

9. Blackberry Lime Daiquiri

10. Orange Whiskey Sour

11. Sunset Thunder Cocktail

12. Raspberry Margarita

13. Peach Mango Daiquiris

14. Blueberry Breeze Cooler

15. Pineapple Cherry Crush Cocktail

What are some things that keep your mind off the cold weather along the east coast? Is anyone else dreaming about Disney World or Disneyland? What about Universal Studios? I cannot wait to get to Universal Studios for the Family Forward conference. It completely sold out and I was the first one to register. That’s a trick I learned at Hogwarts. 😉 While I dream of Diagon Alley and returning home, I’m sure some of you are thrilled with the cold weather. Excited about summer or thrilled about spring, either way these drinks will be amazing.



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