Why My Teenage Daughter Will Dress Appropriately

Let me tell you why my teenage daughter will dress appropriately regardless of how angry it makes her. In 2007, the APA (American Psychological Association) Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls (yes, this exist) linked early sexualization with mental-health problems of girls and women. They are the three most common mental-health problems of girls and women. Take a guess. Eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression.

Appropriately Dressed Teenager Without Crazy Makeup

Appropriately Dressed Teenager Without Crazy Makeup

Why would any parent that could prevent their teenager daughter(s) from having an eating disorder, low self-esteem or depression by merely making sure they aren’t subjected to early sexualization by buying them appropriate clothing not do just that. Buy them appropriate clothing.

My daughter and I had a huge debate on her wearing leggings underneath a skirt. She would wear The Walking Dead Leggings underneath the skirt, or she wouldn’t be wearing said skirt. She was furious, and I don’t care! There is nothing wrong with me trying to appease her. She dresses appropriately, but thought that this skirt looked good by itself. I had to give her a reality check. After all, her being happy with me today won’t prevent the long term harm that would be caused by me allowing her to dress like a hooker.

My teenager daughter was blessed on both sides and is a 30D naturally. So, I can’t understand how parents can purchase these push-up bras for their tweens and teeange daughter(s). How can any parent that wants their child to grow up with high self-esteem and self respect purchase clothing with the sides out, back out, plunging neck line? What parent thinks, “I wish my child looked like a hooker today. That’s cute!”

Why can little girls purchase heels, thongs and padded bras? Why do manufacturers make them? SEX SELLS!!! You can blast the manufacturers, but they wouldn’t make these items if they didn’t sell, which means what on earth is wrong with parents today.

Seriously, you can blame companies but I’m putting the blame where it belongs. On the parents that allow their children to look like street walkers because they think it’s cute. I’m putting the parents on blast. NEWS FLASH AND PSA: NOT CUTE! NOT SEXY! TRASHY!!! Idiotic parents that think dressing their children like hookers is cute are the ones that allow these companies to continue making sexy lingerie and pumps for kids. My teenager daughter will dress appropriately because I decide what she wears, not some stupid executive turning controversy into a profit. I suggest you do the same.

I don’t care how popular celebrities and the teenagers are at school, you’re not dressing like them. My son knows that if even attempts to leave my house with pants falling off his rear end that he’ll be forced to wear skinny jeans for a week, just to make a point. I’m not always the FaVe Mom with my children for this reason and believe me things get super intense in this household because of it. However, I’m their mother, not their best friend.

You can still have a sense of style dressed appropriately. Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

You can still have a sense of style dressed appropriately. Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

My teenage daughter will dress appropriately so that if one day she needs therapy because of my regime like laws today, she’ll be able to afford it later because I didn’t allow her to dress like a hooker.

Maybe I’m a Mama Bear and should get over it and mind my own business. Perhaps I’m just concerned at what our teens are subjected to nowadays.

Someone has to say enough is enough. Not fashion stores, not celebrities, and not teenagers that think they know better and are adults. No the actual adults have to say enough is enough and that’s you, the PARENTS!!! God entrusted my daughter to me, not the mall, not Lady Gaga, and certainly not pop culture. I am responsible for her and there will be no “juicy” pants, “candy” panties, “pink” pants, low cut, cleavage bearing, leg showing, skimpy bikinis or push up bras in my home. Modesty is BEAUTIFUL. She’s a very well endowed 14 year old and push up bras will just result in more boys calling my home. No thank you.

My tips to get your teenager daughter to dress appropriately will be in the next post.



  1. Kathy Mang says:

    I like it a lot. So, so true

    • Kathy Mang says:

      Dressing appropriatlely will make young girls confident and beautiful. The fight may be on but it is a fight for their life. You are not here to be their friend but their mother.

  2. This is a phenomenal post FaVe Mom. Your daughter will blossom into a beautifully confident intellectual knowing that SHE didn’t subject herself to what others are doing / wearing. This is teaching her so much more than fashion sense. Kudos :)

  3. For sure she’ll need therapy and probably develop eating disorders, you know why? Because eating are not caused by how people dress, they are usually a reaction to feeling controlled! People who feel they have no control over their lives develop eating disorders because it’s the one thing they feel like they can control.

    And you cannot become a hooker by dressing like one, just like your son won’t become a rapper by wearing his jeans low!

    You are crushing their self expression and that should never be encouraged!

    • Shelley I’m sorry that you feel that way. I’m well aware of how and why people develop eating disorders. My best friend suffered with an eating disorder through high school. However, if I can prevent it by doing something like not subjecting her to inappropriate attire which isn’t allowed at school anyway, then I will do that. I’m NOT crushing self expression, but if you’ve got to show so much skin to feel that you’ve expressed yourself, then you need help for that. My daughter is one of the most creative souls I know and she can and does express herself through art on her deviant art page.


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