Where’s My Wolf Hybrid?

Where's My Wolf Hybrid?

You may have been asking yourself where’s my wolf hybrid and with good reason. You’ve not seen a post recently since she started her training at Petco. Well, I’m sure the PETCO training would work for a dog that wasn’t as big of a diva as mine, but my Misty Cloud is a scaredy cat brat that just refused to do certain things and had bad doggy habits. I needed  a dog obedience school and I was going to find one!

She wouldn’t get in the car for me to save my life. Seriously, I had to PICK HER UP and carry her and put her into the car. Sort of like she was a baby or a small puppy. She’s seven months old! So, where’s my wolf hybrid? She’s at K-9 Behavior Services near Valencia, CA for a 30 day obedience boarding school. This isn’t just any obedience boarding program. It’s $2,000, but it’s worth every penny. If she’s trained and knows how a puppy is to behave and what our expectations are of her, then she won’t do the things she’s not supposed to do. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to TRAIN your dog. PERIOD.

She’s been biting EB for no reason, she’s been digging, she chewed smack through my AC wires, she chewed the arm of the chair with my son in the chair, she REFUSED to walk on a leash, get in a car, and was just basically very spoiled. So, I called K-9 Behavior Services wizards, Jeremy and Stephanie, and I don’t have any idea HOW they got her to do what they’ve got her to do, but in a couple of days she’s a behaved DOG! They’ll show me in the follow up classes what I need to do to keep her behaving. Then people won’t say, “Where’s my wolf hybrid?”

They just released the below press release about one of the dogs they donated to the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation For Prison & Probation Cell Phone, Narcotics and Tabacco Detection Program. They do it all from dog obedience, protection dogs, service dogs, etc. Not only do they do all of this training but they donate dogs to keep our prisons in line, so that you don’t have child molesters and pedophiles looking at your children’s pictures online. Read the below press release after my post to understand more.

Stephanie & Francisco from K-9 Behavior Services with one of the Donated Dogs :)

Stephanie & Francisco from K-9 Behavior Services with one of the Donated Dogs :)

They also were able to train my friend’s dog Lucky. Lucky was abused and people broke into her owner’s home shortly after they got her. They were actually playing at our Military Ball when they got a phone call that Lucky had bit their friend while they were down in San Diego. They both hightailed it back to Los Angeles and enrolled her in obedience school at K-9 Behavior Services.  When Cloud started misbehaving I called them to ask them who they used. They told me, it’s not cheap, but the work they do speaks for itself. Lucky is the best behaved dog. She does exactly what her owner’s tell her too and doesn’t argue or whine. She doesn’t bite people and hasn’t bitten anyone since. They rescued her and she’s a wonderful dog now. Makes my heart melt. Look at Lucky with her owner.

Lucky - Best Behaved Dog EVER!

Lucky – Best Behaved Dog EVER!



Contact: Jeremy Talamantes
Tel: 805.521.1680
Cell: 818.216.8960
Fax: 805.521.1672
Email: k9behavior@yahoo.com
Website: www.K9Behavior.com


On Monday, June 17, 2013, Jeremy Talamantes and Stephanie O’Brien, of K-9 Behavior Services, will be donating a Belgian Malinois (a dog bred, raised, & trained for law enforcement detection) free of charge, to the CDCR. The previous dog donated was on Memorial weekend 2013 in honor of our military and law enforcement personnel. At this time, the CDCR does not have a budget to purchase the dogs from a vendor. Therefore, K-9 Behavior Services donates quality dogs to the CDCR to support their community and assist the CDCR with their detection dog program. The donation procedure will take place at K-9 Behavior Services’ K-9 training ranch in Fillmore, CA 93015.

K-9 Behavior Services has donated nine dogs to the CDCR at no charge since 2010, and plans to continue their support. Each dog has an average monetary value of $4,000 depending on the age and level of training when donated. With the direct support of K-9 Behavior Services, the CDCR’s K-9 detection program has been so successful that the dogs donated are now being used outside of the prisons for parole sweeps. Not only do the dogs detect narcotics and tobacco, they also detect cell phones. Cell phones in particular are a big problem in California prisons because criminals will smuggle them in and use them for gang activity, access to Facebook and Twitter, and even child molesters will use them to access children on social networking.

K-9 Behavior Services’ donations have gained them the respect and appreciation from the CDCR, including letters of gratitude, articles, and plaques of recognition presented by the K-9 Statewide  Coordinator of the CDCR, Wayne Conrad, stamped with the Great Seal of the State of California, and approved by Richard J. Subia, director of the division of adult institutions.

K-9 Behavior Services is one of the largest and most successful dog training companies in America. Located in Fillmore, CA on a 1,545 acre working K-9 training ranch, equipped with a helicopter landing pad and a private shooting range, with celebrity clients such as Eddie Murphy, Charlie Sheen, Joel Madden, and Nicole Ritchie, television appearances such as ‘The Doctors’, SyFy’s ‘Monster Man’, and Storage Wars, just 30 minutes north of Beverly Hills.

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If you would like more information about this topic, to cover the event, or to schedule an interview with Jeremy Talamantes or Stephanie O’Brien, please call 818.216.8960 or email k9behavior@yahoo.com

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