On the Move with Social Sarah

Who is Social Sarah?

She is the girl who hates writing about herself. Yeah, it’s me writing in the third person. Thing is, I can write about almost anything else but me. I was the kid in high school who did set design and lighting. Did it so well, I traveled England doing it — in high school. Also was an inter with a broadway set designer and worked on a major musician play in Miami ,(it never made it past Miami.)

I am a behind the scenes type of gal.

BACKGROUND on Social Sarah

Born and raised in New York City by two overly intelligent strong people who both started their own business in the 70’s. From the start they new beyond a doubt, I was dyslexic and had A.D.H.D. Growing up in the 80’s  those terms were still new to the private school teachers. Spent the first six years of school being called stupid by the teachers and teased by the students. This lead me to fight for ever step of my education. It now has me involved in following my sons education closely. I believe in teachers and their dedication. It is also my thought there are some teachers who should just retire.

In 1996/97 I was a Debutant. One of the most amazing adventures I have ever been on. I attended the Junior League Debutant Ball in NYC, where my mother had been a member since her 20’s. Followed by the International Debutant Ball in NYC. Last ball I attended as third generation was The Rhododendron ball with the Brigade of Guards in Asheville, NC. These pictures  shows youth and innocent. They remind me of the night I became life long friends with six females from different backgrounds. These events were only the beginning of many friendships– I attended ring dances at West Point and Annapolis and visited friends at Norwich Academy. Some of New York finest bachelors became my friends– nod to good old Kegger.


I have traveled Europe, Turkey, India and most of America. All at different stages in my life. My jobs have included hotel maid, a beer tub gal, bartender. I have interred for a senator, an international embassy and for an art museum. I have walked for Avon’s 3 day, walked a tiger and cleaned the cages at an animal rescue.


Education is never ending. With a B.A. in English and Political science (DePaul U.) , a Post Graduate degree in International Business (UDC, Ireland) and a M.B.A in Business Management (Baruch College) you would think I was done. Far from it – I dream of the day I can get my Masters in Landscape Design and my P.H.D in Shakespearean Literature from Oxford. Throw in my daily reading and answering the never ending child’s question of why, I will never stop learning.


Born and raised UES of New York City.

My childhood homes are Asheville, NC and NYC.

My family home is currently Ojai, CA but we started in Somerset, VA. We then went to Running Springs, CA then L.A. I think we might have just found our perfect spot in Ojai. Just don’t count my word — I never know what is around the bend.

Homes in my heart– my old place in Dublin and the Big Bungelow in Mirzapur, India.


What makes me social? I guess it’s because I can be slingin beers in any old joint one second to putting on my ballgown the next. My enjoyment comes from nature, sitting in cafe’s watching the world go by and trying new things.

Just a mom like many of you. We have our ups and downs, days of yoga pant wardrobe (I LOVE PATAGONIA’S YOGA PANTS) to making an organic meal to frozen pizza’s.

I’m just a girl who believes men should still open doors. The girl who think girls should be C.E.O’s or stay at home moms — your choice because both jobs are just as important.  I’m the girl who will play almost any sport at least once. Tried Rugby — seriously better to leave that one to the men.

I speak the truth even when it will kick me in the ass later. My friends love me for it. Enemies, well they just gossip about me. I try to be sustainable and organic. Don’t tag me as crunch even though I believe in mother nature and protecting the earth for my children and yours.

I will share what I know, my opinions and my story. FaVeMom became my friend because a few years ago when I told her what was what with an event she did. Honesty was the beginning of a killer friendship.  I have a husband, a child and a goldendoodle. They are just one kickin awesome part of me, as I am them.

You can also find my work under  my own instagram account @wifemotherdaughterself  which is more on pulse than my website www.wifemotherdaughterself.com  When I am not writing for FaVeMom, I am working with my family on Rug News andDesign Magazine as the andDesign Editor– curating information, design and product for those interested in rugs.

Did I mention I love to write and share information!!


Looking forward to sharing stories!

Social Sarah



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