Happy Knees by Bella Tunno

Bella Tunno has the cutest prints for all of their baby gear. Happy Knees by Bella Tunno are no exception. These cuties are to protect your cuties knees from bumps and bruises. Happy Knees are protective pads for little crawlers and early walkers.

Happy Knees by Bella TunnoBella Tunno Happy Knees

Isn’t the little packaging so cute? They have four other designs for the happy knees. One of which is chevrons. I love chevrons, but I had to go with the pink for the kiddo. Polka dots are another close favorite of mine anyway. :)

My kiddo is no longer an early walker. She is nearly a full fledged walker. She is however a bit clumsy, especially with a little dog running around the house with her. I find small rug burns and bruises on her knees often from all of her little falls. So these Happy Knees are perfect for her. Plus, I think they look so stinkin’ cute on her!

Happy Knees by Bella Tunno

Try as I might I could not get a good picture of her wearing these. Once they were on her she was revin’ to go! Look at those chunky legs :) Happy Knees are one size fits most and they are machine washable. {woohoo!} If you’ve got a crawler, beginning walker, or a kid on the go keep their knees happy with Bella Tunno‘s Happy Knees!

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