Basic Origami Folding Symbols

So you wanna do origami?  You totally can! Seriously, I love it because I am strictly a “if-it-takes-mad-skills-I-am-not-doing-it”  kind of gal.  You’ll just need to look at the basic origami folding symbols before you get started.

These are meant to help not confuse

Throughout all my origami tutorials I will add arrows and information to tell you where to fold and how to fold.  This is part of Origami Basics below is a key to explain those symbols.  Some are not intuitive, but with the symbols and the picture you can get an idea what to do.

We all want to rush in and just look at the pictures and follow along.  And for many models that will be just fine (and if that is your MO, by all means don’t let me stop you).  When you finally come across a symbol you can’t interpret, you’ll want this information.  It really does help.

There is also a printable Folding Symbols Key to use as a reference when you follow tutorials. So print it out–trust me.

And when you understand what it all means you can go do one of my tutorials.

Basic Origami Folding Symbols Key




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